Geoduck's World

Random Events in a Disorganized Universe

Banner of the Stars
The crew of a gunship try to survive a vast interstellar war. The story is told from the point of view of the crew, upper mid level commanders, and the Emperor. The point being how decisions on all levels impact people and events at all levels. Not horrible but not great. The writing is sub average. The voiceover work is on a par with the first couple of Charlie Brown Specials. The animation is average. The show is not BAD, just not great. There were three or four series under the Banner of the Stars name. I watched the first one but did not look up the others.

The Batman
Back to the roots of the series. Dark, somewhat brooding. It covers the origin of Batman, Robin, and other major characters. The classic villains are there, Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, etc. and they are shown as the monsters they were in the original comic books. New bad guys are around as well. The stories are very well written and thought out. It's better than most of the other series in the Batman franchise.

Batman Beyond
40 years after the other series. Bruce Wayne has hung up the cape. He's now an bitter old man with a heart condition, a cane, and bad memories. A recluse that thinks he's a failure because he can't be Batman any more. A teenager Terry McGinnis appears on his front door and ends up taking on the Batman role. The gadgets are more advanced. The bad guys have been updated for mid 21st century. Well written, darkly animated. A worthy successor to the franchise.

Batman, The Brave and the Bold
A bit of a throwback. The animation is more like the Hanna Barbara shows or Johnny Quest. The writing is campy and silly, though thats deliberate. It's clearly done with tongue in cheek, there's none of the brooding darkness of the other series. Rather fun, actually.

B.C.: The First Thanksgiving
A classic. Put out in 1973, it has a lot of period references that make little sense today unless you're older. Based on the B.C. Comic strip and a lot of the references make no sense unless you're familiar with the strip, especially the first decade or two. But even if you aren't any of that, it's a fun and silly tale of a bunch of cavemen trying to catch a turkey for Thanksgiving. I don't think it was run more than once but I remembered it even though it was over 40 years before I saw it again.

The character from the film. With his friend Lydia they have a lot of fun with bad puns, slapstick humour. I have to say I was very disappointed. I really liked this when I saw it in the late 1980's. I just came across it again and now I find the animation crude, the writing obvious and the humour tacky. Animation has come so far in the last 20 years it's amazing.

Ben 10
A kid discovers an alien wrist band. It jumped onto his arm and he can not get it off. The wrist band allows him to change into any one of ten alien creatures for a finite period of time. He travels around in a motor-home with his cousin and grandfather stopping criminals. The aliens that own the wristband are also hunting to get it back. There is a fair amount of sibling rivalry going on and interaction with his gruff grandfather. Even when Ben is in one of the alien forms he is still a kid who alternates between naive bravado and kid panic when things go wrong. Somewhat amusing. Later seasons added more creatures and some depth to the characters, actual back story for the grandfather. Ben’s cousin develops magical abilities and so gets to do the super-hero thing occasionally.

Ben 10: Alien Force
Some years have passed. Ben and Gwen are in high school. Between the two series Ben had gotten the Omnitrix off and resumed the life of a normal kid. An alien invasion and a message from their grandfather prompts Ben to put the Omnitrix back on and Ben, Gwn, and other kids they encounter with super-powers fight the alien invasion. My only complaint is that they play up the personal interactions, romances, and jealousies so much that sometimes it feels more like a soap than a science fiction series.

The Big O
A "negotiator" In a post apocalyptic city of domes on the edge of a sea. 40 years earlier everyone lost their memory and has no idea of where they all came from or why. This is a harder one to get into. The opening theme is awful and it at first glance it looks like any one of a number of giant robot Transformers clones. It is far deeper than that and once you get into it you will realize that there is a sub plot running in the background that will blow your mind.