Geoduck's World

Random Events in a Disorganized Universe

The Oblongs
Probably the most cynical animated program ever created. The hill people are rich, beautiful and uncaring. The valley people are literally mutants from the toxic waste and other things that the hill people flush downhill. The thing is that the valley people are not angry and consumed with revenge. They live happy lives even though Dad has no arms or legs, Mom is bald and is drunk most of the time, his twin brothers share two legs and three butt cheeks, his friends include a morbid Goth, and a cone shaped little girl similar to a frog. The show is unbelievably cynical and a not so subtle indictment of the right wing corporate agenda for America. The first season was fantastic. The second season was one too many.

One Piece
Monkey D Loofy a really nice, kind, thin gawky kid in a straw hat wants to become the King of the Pirates, as unlikely as that might seem. To do this he has to find One Piece, the treasure left by the former Pirate King. He gained the ability to stretch his arms and legs like rubber and that is the one ace he has to defeat the enemies he runs across. Two items. The theme song is a blast. One Piece Rap is really fun and clearly states everything you need to know. Secondly the writers must not get enough to eat. Food plays a huge part in the story, with whole episodes taking place in restaurants, and involving cooks. Overall this is a fun show even if the animation sometimes gives the impression of being for a much younger audience.

Ookami Kakushi
A little town where all seems normal but there is a hidden creepy secret nobody wants to talk about, just like a bunch of other series. This time it’s a rehash of the wolf-man legend. IT's a worn out premise used a thousand times, but this version does add one twist: homophobia. One character expresses his the supernatural insanity by being a gay pedophile. The series is just so much uninspired, boilerplate writing with massive plot holes, off the shelf music, and average animation. Then they ran out of story after eleven episodes. Twelve was just filler, that made no sense. A mediocre, somewhat amateurish work.

Outlaw Star
A small time operator ends up with an advanced spaceship and is suddenly on the run from gangsters who want it, while he figures out what is going on, how the ship works, and solves the mystery that came along with the ship. Produced in 1997-98 so despite the series mid 80's production values it is derivative. The show can't seem to decide if it is a supernatural sword and sorcery story or a sci-fi space ship story. Not that it matters as the creators don't know how to write believable characters for either kind of story. I finally bailed on this series because it was just too badly written. The characters are shrill and annoying, even the use of gunfire for scene transitions is annoying. I just gave up before half way through. It's too bad, the premise is good.