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Random Events in a Disorganized Universe


I draw and sketch and create. Recently I’ve been doing more writing, but I still dabble a bit. Early on it was with pencil, pen and ink. As time passed I went from just drawing, to drawing and scanning, to drawing, scanning and then touching up on the computer, to sketching and then finishing on the computer, and finally, I now do most all of my drawing on the computer. Over the years I’ve used a number of products, MacDraw, Claris Cad, Bryce and then Vue d’ Esprit, and most recently Graphic. Drawing on the computer, even if it was a Mac, was always a bit awkward. However most recently I’ve been using Graphic on my iPad with a stylus to start the drawings, and then layup and lettering as needed on my Mac. It works very well.

So here’s a sampling of my sketches.