Geoduck's World

Random Events in a Disorganized Universe

Five AM Alarm
In southwest of Oregon a town was sleeping
As dawn over the hill was gently creeping
Up the eastern sky a glow was seeping
Nothing stirred the dry air

The town of a few roads and a few dozen houses
Was an island in the midst of the sages and the grouses
A white clothes line with a couple of blouses
One road in, and one out

Then out of the darkness came a dark form
It's four wheels were humming, the engine quite warm
It was clearly something out of the norm
Giving an aura of menace

Into town and out of the sage
The broken stillness was it's only stage
Its intention was impossible to gauge
Illuminated by the towns one light

A dog stood and watched it go past
The muscle car form though not driving fast
The dog growled low and pushed sleep to the past
Then barked out a frantic alarm

The warning was sounded by one dog then another
An old tom cat ran across the road for some cover
The racket was huge the whole town a flutter
To drive off the threat from the dark

Now the town was filled with a terrible sound
A warning to all, to everyone around
Intruder alert, someone is on our ground
They all were brothers in arms

The dark shape, so deep, so red, so threatening
Moved into town, moved on ahead without reckoning
Ignoring the barks, with no sign of it slackening
it pressed on through the wild howls

Then with the nerves of every beast in the town
On highest alert and tension all around
The dogs bravely called and bravely stood their ground
As the car passed off into the dark

The mutts settled down they had answered the call
Rallied around to protect one and all
Defended their town. They had stood their ground
Against the terrible car out of the night