Geoduck's World

Random Events in a Disorganized Universe

Fight On
When the outlook is grim
And the chances seem slim
Of the good guys coming out on top
Then the able will rise
'Cause the job's more our size
Than it is for some stupid old fop

Beset we may be
Awash in a sea
Of jerks, feebs, and the short sighted
But hold your head high
We'll win bye and bye
Ability determines who gets knighted

When the dust finally settles
And those who have mettle
Have hung on by the skin of their teeth
Just rest assured
Your cries they've been heard
Echoing across the cold heath

So stand up and fi!
Just spit in their eye
And tell them just where they can stick it
Cause quality will out
You'll hold your redoubt
And fight your way out of the thicket.

'Cause it's not who you are
Nor the size of your car
It's talent that comes to the fore
It's not where you're from
Nor the size of your drum
Ability counts for much more

The promise we make
Our honor we stake
When it seems like the idiots will win
We've all got your back
And when you attack
We're with you through thick and through thin

So, when the dust finally settles
And the bad guys have scuttled
To a dark hole befitting their kind
When the cheaters are caught
And the liars are sought
By officials with jail on their mind

Then we will all stand
And maybe join hands
Or even to raise upward a glass
To the person who stood
For the right and the good
And kicked them all right in the ass