Geoduck's World

Random Events in a Disorganized Universe

We entered first grade together
and passed through school in parallel
I can’t say we were friends.
You were more of a background character in my world
And I in yours

Different friends, different circles, different interests
activities, distractions, passions
Always aware of each other but not close
Always friendly, you were nice, but not quite friends
Bit players in each others movie

I remember though, your red hair and freckled cheek
I remember the fire in your eye, and your funny streak
But I never told you that you were cute
I never tried to impress
But, seriously, you looked good in that green dress

Actually I knew next to nothing of your life.
But I did quietly hope you’d do well
I knew nothing of your passion, your interests.
Did you have a love or a plan?
A goal, a secret, a special man?

One day school was over.
I never had a chance to say a good luck or see ya’ round
You were gone and I was gone, on to farther grounds.
Then just a few weeks later
Your car failed to round corner coming home
You died on a dark rainy night all alone

Someone told me of your loss
and I just stared into the black
For the first time in my young life
I knew we were grown up
We were in the real world now

No more do overs no more second shots
No more extra chances, no more drawing lots
For the fun of it.
We were in the real world now
And the real world plays for keeps

Thirty some years have passed and I wonder
Does anyone still remember
That green dress
Your red hair and freckled cheek
Your laugh, your smile, your funny streak

Does anyone remember Tara’s cheek?
The fire in her eye, her funny streak?
When the rain falls
Is she just a name on a stone
In a cemetery all alone.

In the dark?