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Random Events in a Disorganized Universe

Living in a Sloppy Universe

I understand that some might take the idea of the universe as being random and not deterministic as very depressing. First because the idea that you can’t make a difference bothers them. I however view it as liberating. You are free to be happy. You are free to be yourself. You are free to do what you want because your life is your own. It does not belong to some immutable timeline that must be followed. Hate your job? Quit. There’s no universal law that says you have to work yourself into an early grave. Worried that you might be raising your kids wrong? Relax and just do the best you can. Stressed out by the Middle East situation? Well, unless you live in Syria or Israel or Iran it’s really not likely to impact you now is it? Turn off the news and go have some fun. Or you can choose to be responsible, get up every morning, watch the news, work all day, go to bed and do it all the next because it’s the responsible thing to do. That’s your choice.

Now, you do have certain responsibilities in the world. If you have children you need to take care of them. If you borrow money you need to pay it back. These are however social norms. Society has particular rules that you need to follow. These are not physical laws, they are human laws, and in the end physics always trumps what people want.

The second reason that this idea bother people is that it robs them of The Meaning Of Life. If they cannot change the world, if they are not following some grand plan from above, if they cannot be significant then they feel empty. They feel that life has no meaning. The thing is, life itself has no meaning. Live is just complex organic chemistry. Existence and consciousness, and drive, and free will, are all the result of us evolving on a planet with this environment that developed mammals then primates and our being one particularly brainy primate. If we had not evolved then Earth would have still been here and gone on around the sun. If a tree falls in the forest with no one around yes it does make a sound. WE are the ones who puts meaning in life. What we do with our consciousness is where the meaning comes from. OK so you can’t change the Universe, you can change your neighbourhood for the better. OK so you can’t lead the world to a new age of peace and freedom. You can make your part of it more free and peaceful and if there are enough other people that think the same we might get somewhere. OK so you can’t be the best actor/musician/cook/brick layer/doctor/whatever in the world. You can be the best one you can be and to hell with others opinions.

The world is sloppy. Individuals are not critical to the outcome. The other side of this is that nothing is absolutely dependant on you. If you reach that person on the cliff in time to save them, wonderful. If you can't it’s too bad, but you did your best. Don’t beat yourself up for your failures and don’t crow about your successes too much. In the big picture they are only your triumphs or failures. The rest of the universe doesn’t really care either way.

Just let it slide and be happy.