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17 May 2009

Shaggy Dog Stories

We were at Barbara's yesterday. Mike was there and we mentioned something that our cat Momiji did. Mike laughed and said "Oh I have to tell you this. A while back I was at a friend's house. They called their pet and his name was Dioji. I asked them if Dioji was a Japanese name like Momiji. They looked at me like I was crazy and then said 'The dog's name is Dioji, spelled D-O-G.' ". 

Speaking of dogs Barbara has a broken window in her place. What happened was this. One of the kids that live upstairs got home with his girlfriend, a tiny slip of a girl. Along with them was a friend of theirs and his full grown rottweiler. They walked toward the house carrying assorted boxes and bags while the really petite girlfriend had the dog's leash. All was well  until one of Barbara's cats hopped into the window to see what all the noise was. The cat saw the rottweiler and took off. The rottweiler saw the cat flee and took of in pursuit. This yanked the girlfriend completely off her feet. The drag of the girlfriend hitting the ground, and assorted shouted commands from the guys caused the rottweiler to put on the brakes. He almost stopped in time but still hit the window hard enough to crack the glass. Fortunately it's double paned and the inside glass was undamaged as was the rottweiler's nose. The cat remained hidden for an hour or so but then recovered and life has returned to normal. The guys upstairs let Barbara and Dave the owner, know that they are going to be replacing the window. No word if the girlfriend will be walking the dog again.

This is a three day weekend for us. Monday the 18th is Victoria Day, in honor of Queen Victoria. We've celebrated by putting a second light fixture in the front hallway, working in the yard, cleaning the garage, rearranging all of the furniture in the office, moving the big bookcase and the ton of books from the living room to the office, and Marsha made a set of curtains. We've decided that holidays are bad for us. We work too hard.

The National Film Board of Canada funds independent films, mostly short films. They have put them out on the web. There's all sorts of really fun films out there, give them a look if you get a chance. Here's one that we found yesterday that we really liked:  Let us know if you have a problem as sometimes there are films that can only be viewed in Canada.

I got my new glasses on Friday. They are great. I can actually see now. The contacts are due in later next week, but for now the glasses will work just fine. Certainly a lot better than my old glasses. I'm seeing details again like individual leaves on trees and the lawn being made of blades of grass, not just green fuzz. It's been wonderful. I did discover one advantage of having a fairly severe correction. My glasses are strong enough that I don't need reading glasses. When I wear them normally I focus for distance but not close. But I discovered that if I slide the glasses down my nose a few millimeters, no more than 5/16 of an inch then I can focus for reading, but not distance. My old glasses weren't this strong and I didn't notice this effect with them. This is great, and much more convenient than separate reading glasses. I don't know about bifocals, I've never tried them. 

Lastly, way back when in college I kept track of my travels by drawing them on a map. First a 8 1/2 x 11 paper map, then in recent years a large laminated wall map. It's finally reached the point where even the wall map wasn't flexible enough and I just finished putting the map on the computer. I have it linked off of the North America travels page.

Click on the map to see a larger version, 

Doug & Marsha

Another nice sunset
What the heck are these birds?
a hazy day produces the most wonderful watercolor effect on the far mountains.